Bedford High School Students Celebrate GCSE Success

Our class of 2019 students have celebrated another great year of GCSE success with some outstanding individual results.In total 67 per cent of the outgoing Year 11 achieved a pass in English, with 57 per cent also achieving a pass in Maths. 

Many of our learners performed well across a range of subjects;in Spanish 92 per cent of students came away with a good grade, in French 75% achieved a good grade, in Business 75% achieved a good grade,  in Music 78% achieved a good grade, inBiology 83% achieved a good grade, in Physics 77% achieved a good grade and in Chemistry 73% achieved a good grade.

There were many outstanding individual performances, led by top-ranking student Gabriella Birdsey, who achieved three nines and seven eights. 
Once again we are delighted with the results students have achieved. It is a real testament to the hard work they have put in  and these results are well-deserved. 

At Bedford, we are fortunate to have great quality teaching staff who support our students every step of the way and we also get a phenomenal amount of support from our parents and guardians. We wish our students the best of luck as they move on to the next stage in their lives.