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Letter March 2021

Letter-March-2021Download POS-004-A-guide-to-regular-testing-for-parents-with-children-at-nurseries-schools-and-colleges-1-1Download COVID-19-self-test-instructionsDownload COVID-19-self-test-instructions-easy-readDownload Privacy-Notice-STUDENTS-testing-at-home-1Download...

Religious Studies

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. GCSE Religious Studies provides students with a wide range of learning experiences that challenges them to ask questions about meaning and prepares them to respond to a wide range of contemporary issues in a culturally diverse world.In Religious Studies students learn about the beliefs, teachings and practices of two different world religions (Christianity and Judaism) and how to justify opinions on ethical issues, giving religious, non-religious and personal views on...
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