Business in the Community (BITC) and Bedford High School

BITC is one of The Prince’s Charities, a group of not-for-profit organisations of which The Prince of Wales is President.Business in the Community stands for responsible business.

Business in the Community engage thousands of businesses through their campaigns and the businesses involved include most of the UK’s blue chip companies.

Where we are involved is through their Education programme called Business Class.

About Business Class

Business Class is a government-endorsed programme, which provides a systematic framework for business to support young people by forming long-term partnerships with the schools those young people attend. BITC believe that these partnerships are one of the most effective ways for business to support young people.

The Business Class framework is designed to develop partnerships that are rooted in the needs of the school and underpinned by strategic support and collaborative action.  Evaluation of the Business Class model has proved its effectiveness.

There are currently over 290 Business Class partnerships across the UK.

The  Business Class Programme and Bedford High School’s Partnership with KPMG

Business Class is Business in the Community’s flagship education programme supporting long-term strategic partnerships between business and secondary schools. KPMG have developed a partnership with Bedford High School providing support across all areas from Leadership to Curriculum enhancement and Enterprise and Employability skills.

Enterprise and employability
This covers areas such as pupil mentoring and career guidance from business partners, along with work experience and enrichment opportunities that develop employability skills such as team working.

Leadership Training

This includes opportunities for our Student leaders to benefit from working with KPMG employees and receiving industry standard training in areas such as public speaking, leadership and personal impact.

How BITC supports schools involved in Business Class

An Education Manager provides support throughout the partnership. They will help us to complete a detailed needs assessment (at a meeting attended by the headteacher, a leader from the Business Partner company and the BITC Education Manager) to ensure we achieve our strategic priorities.  They then work closely with the school and our business partner to ensure we create and sustain a mutually beneficial relationship.

Education Managers also provide vital critical friendship, knowledge of current leading practice and high quality resources.  Additionally, they will facilitate cluster activities and provide access to national opportunities to contribute to debates around education.