The Big Questions

The ‘Big Bedford Brexit Vote’

During the school’s Open Evening on 25th September 2019, the Personal Development & Ethids department held a Brexit vote asking visitors to choose one of four options. The results are as follow:

1st place – Brexit: no deal (36%)

2nd place – Remain (28%)

3rd place – Brexit: with a deal (19%)

4th place – A second referendum (17%)

Independent vote tellers: Abigail Hoy and Sabiya Arfan, form 9.5

The main aim of the Religious Studies and Ethics department is to provide a wide range of learning experiences that develop cultural capital and prepare students for life in a diverse modern world.  Our aim is to enable students to develop enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning about other people’s beliefs, while promoting mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

Modern Britain is a diverse mix of lifestyles, cultures and beliefs.  PDEO examines a range of responses to the big ideas that are held by people which affect everyday life. We investigate the moral behaviour of human beings and enable pupils to reflect on their own responses to the big ideas.

The PDE Department offers a wide and flexible curriculum aimed to meet the needs of our pupils. At KS3 pupils follow the Wigan Agreed Syllabus (2017) and at KS4 they follow a full course of study leading to a GCSE with Eduqas.

Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mr Clarke – Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator (PDE).

Miss J. Dobson -Teacher of RSE and Subject Mentor (ITT).

Linked Governor Mrs Lynn Hayes

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students follow the Wigan Agreed Syllabus (2017) which enhances students spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It also enables students to consider the fundamental questions of life raised by human experiences, and provides opportunities to relate these to religious teachings and practices.

Year 7 – Topics:

What are the features of religious communities? What does it mean to be Jewish? Who was Jesus? What does it mean to be Hindu?

Year 8 – Topics:

What does it mean to be Sikh? How do people respond to Ultimate Questions? What does it mean to be Muslim? How do Christians put their beliefs into practice?

At KS4 students follow a course of study that leads to full GCSE.

Key Stage 4

Year 9 – Topics:

Study of Christianity, Issues about Human Rights, Issues about Relationships.

Year 10 – Topics:

Issues about Life and Death, Issues about Good and Evil, Study of Judaism.

Year 11 – Citizenship, Personal Development, Revision and Study Skills.