Firstly, we hope that you have all had a safe, healthy and restful Easter break. School will resume on Monday 20th April which means that your teachers will start sending you work again each school day. All teachers in the school are monitoring the work that they are receiving from you very closely. Many teachers have been keen to celebrate and share the fantastic work they have received so far from some of you. They have been particularly impressed by the resilience, independence and sheer hard work from the vast majority of our students. We would like to congratulate those students who have been sent the Lead Learner awards for their great work and there will of course be many more Lead Learner awards to follow.

We have noticed that the best work we receive tends to come from the students that have put effective routines in place at home, for e.g. students who are ready to receive and complete work from 8:30am each morning and students who take pride in their work by checking over it and presenting it well. We are confident that you will be even better with your home learning over this next term and we look forward to continuing to engage with you on your crucial education. The expectations and guidance below should be read very carefully. This will remind you of how to ensure your home learning is as successful as possible. 

Continuing with our learning during the school closure- Student guide.

Our intention is to ensure that learning can continue at home in the event that school is closed due to unprecedented circumstances. In order for this to happen effectively students should be guided by the following information.

  • As you know, you have 5 Periods in the school day and each Period lasts one hour. You will continue to receive the work for each of your 5 Periods each school day from your subject teachers.
  • All work will be assigned via Frog in the same way that Homework is assigned. Teachers will set the work on Frog in advance of when you have that lesson. You will then be expected to work hard on the work assigned on that day.
  • You will also be expected to send the completed work back to the teacher via email. For support on how to use the school email click on

Teachers may request that this is sent via an attachment in the email or alternatively they might request it via Frog. Some of the work assigned will be from sites such as Doddle which contain quizzes and the marks from these quizzes will automatically be sent to the teacher’s Markbook. Likewise, teachers can monitor the volume and quality of work done on all sites including Tassomai, Senaca, Quizlet, Maths watch, GCSEpod Kerboodle and all others.

  • You could email your teacher if you have any queries regarding the work set but emails should be strictly learning related. Please be mindful that your teachers will be extremely busy trying to manage all of the emails that will be coming their way. Try to consider how you could best help yourself before automatically emailing your teacher. Read the task set carefully and try to solve any technical issues before you turn to your teacher for support. There is a lot of technical guidance on the school website as well as at the end of this document.

How can you ensure that your learning is effective?

  •  Whilst it is important that you complete the tasks that teachers set you, it is even more important that you learn from the tasks. Try to take time to think about the tasks and what exactly the teacher wants me to do and how they want me to do it.  Some of the tasks you will be set might really challenge you especially when your teacher is not with you to intervene but persevere and remain focused. Ask yourself the questions
  • Will I know this next week or next year?
  • How can I get further support or practice on this?
  • Have I put enough time and effort into it?
  • Does this learning connect to other topics I have done in this subject or other subjects?
  • Your starting point for all work should be the school website. You can access Frog online from the school website by clicking on the blue Frog image. You should then enter your login details. If you have forgotten your login details you should use your school email to email a login request to and they will respond with your new login details.
  • We recommend that you use the Frog App which is called ‘MyFrog’. Download MyFrog from the App store and then it will request that you enter the school URL code which is

Once you have entered this code you can enter your login details. Please record and save your login details somewhere safe.

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