Vision, Ethos and Virtues

Our School Vision

We relentlessly strive to help our students to reach their potential. Our aim is for every student to leave us as a rounded individual who feels optimistic and excited about the opportunities the world has to offer and is equipped with the character, skills and knowledge to flourish in life.

Our School Ethos

1. We have high standards that will enable students to be successful.

2. Success derives from self-discipline and taking personal responsibility for making the right choices. This is achieved through perseverance and hard work, which contributes to a student’s happiness, self-esteem and positive mental health.

3. We expect our students to understand their role in our community and beyond. ‘The Bedford SPIRIT’ provides a framework to ensure our key virtues are embedded within our daily practice.

4. We celebrate the success and achievement of all students.

5. We promote working partnerships between schools and the wider community. We work in partnership with families in upholding our high standards and expectations so that together we can unlock their child’s true potential.

6. We don’t allow excuses to lower our standards. Our students take responsibility for their actions.

7. Our students are respectful, responsible and hardworking, which leads to a calm, courteous and stimulating environment.

8. We continuously develop our curriculum to ensure that it is ambitious and enriching for all students. This will enable our students to master the knowledge, understanding and skills to be academically successful.

9. Staff are valued, supported and trained to deliver the best education possible.

10. We want our students to be excited, hopeful and optimistic about life after school. We offer comprehensive guidance to assist students in the planning of their future education and careers.