Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at Bedford High School.

At Bedford we have high expectations, which are set in a creative and caring context. We believe in a culture of achievement because we know that exam success is important to everyone. Equally important to us are the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our students.

Our Motto

  • To Care. 
  • To Learn. 
  • To Achieve.

We will encourage and support all our students in their journey:

  • To realise their full potential.
  • To have the highest expectations for their future.
  • To enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • To share an ethos of respect for themselves and others.

We will achieve this through our wide, varied and personalised curriculum and the extensive provision of extra curricular events and enrichment activities on offer to our students. 

School discipline

Bedford High School and its governors promote standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility for self and others.

To enable a clear, consistent and agreed approach towards successful behaviour management, all students have the responsibility to ensure that they understand the rules, behave appropriately and fully understand the consequences and rewards resulting from the decisions and actions they take.

Positive achievement is encouraged at all times with a whole range of rewards to recognise effort and achievement.

To support the School’s vision of ‘enhancing the life chances of all learners’ we expect students to follow a learning code based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, consideration and responsibility for self and others. Additionally, we believe it is vital to equip students with an enterprising mindset to aid their success in a rapidly changing world.


Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn when there is not good order in schools. Bedford High School has created an environment which encourages, reinforces and supports positive acceptable behaviour.

We expect good behaviour from all our students. The school Behaviour Policy is based on national guidance.

The Bedford Learning Code asks all students to be:


If we look at each of these qualities individually, we expect the following from our students:

Be Responsible

Attend school (including all lessons) on time

Wear the school uniform correctly

Have the required equipment to carry out their learning tasks

Take responsibility for their learning (see Teaching and Learning policy)

Complete all assignments and homework on time

Understand that they can choose how to behave and choosing a certain behaviour will mean choosing a certain consequence.

Be Respectful

To all members of the School community by speaking politely

To Staff instructions – follow them first time

To Teachers’ right to teach

To other students and their right to learn

To other students’ feelings*

To other people’s property and belongings

To the school environment, including buildings and equipment

To yourself – do your best

*Bullying is always taken seriously and will not be tolerated from any member of Bedford High School (see anti-bullying policy).

British Values Statement

Bedford High School is committed to serving its community. The school embraces the belief that at the heart of a modern ever changing community is the acceptance of key British values, which it has a responsibility to promote. In doing so, our learners will be able to grow as individuals and citizens within the community and country in which they live.

The school believes that this is something not only achieved through the curriculum but through the school’s core values and ethos as well as its provision for students beyond formal lessons. Our core values guide and drive the direction of the school’s improvement but are also fundamental in supporting the development of British values within our setting.

The government defines “British Values” in its “Prevent Strategy” as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Throughout the whole school, the importance of mutual respect is emphasised. Thus, in all lessons, students are encouraged to respect the views of others, irrespective of whether they differ from their own.

At Bedford High School these values are explicitly taught within the humanities curriculum. They are further embraced throughout the school curriculum in its focus on SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development).

In addition to the curriculum which students follow there are many other opportunities and activities which students participate in which underpin the promotion of British values. Student Voice activities give students a role in contributing to the life of the school as a learning community. There are many opportunities for students to do this; as form representatives, the Junior Leadership Team, the Media Team and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to name but a few. Some subjects also have their own subject leaders such as Sports Leaders in P.E and the Arch Bishop of York Award in RE and Citizenship.

The school also runs a Duke of Edinburgh award programme giving students the opportunity to develop their own individual skills and talents as well as taking part in the community service element. Through the many sporting activities and clubs such as those in Drama and Music, students have the opportunity to learn and reflect British values. School teams cannot win matches and trophies without understanding and following the rules of football and netball and without the players respecting each other’s’ skills and abilities. School productions cannot succeed without performers trusting and supporting one another.

The school’s Debating Society is another aspect of school life which contributes to the development of British values. Observing the process and etiquette of formal debating, nurtures in students an awareness of democracy and mutual respect.

No school ever stands still and Bedford High School is no exception. The school will continue to strive to ensure that its children and young people leave with the strongest foundation of values upon which to build a successful life and make a positive contribution to society.