Our Character Education Programme – Bedford SPIRIT

Character education is about teaching students the core values we all need to co-operate and keep our society running smoothly. Character education focuses on good morals– like respect, perseverance, integrity, tolerance and independence that a society needs for people to live and work together peacefully.We deliver our character education programme both inside and outside of the classroom and through out rewards system.

The Bedford SPIRIT

S We STRIVE for excellence. We want the best for ourselves and our futures and work hard to get it. We learn well, dream big and have ambition. We play the long game and aspire to do well. Our horizons are wide, and we are excited to explore.

P We PERSEVERE, when the going gets difficult. We solve problems and have a ‘can do’ attitude. We focus and reflect on ourselves as learners to make progress. We manage our workloads at home and complete home work to a good standard. We value being mentally tough and resilient and can draw upon inner strength when we are being challenged.

I INTEGRITY is important to us. Forming our own ideas and being honest about ourselves and having the confidence to do what is right. We see our school as democratic and trust the rule of law. We listen carefully to other opinions and decide for ourselves.

R We show mutual RESPECT and care, including to other people or ideas we don’t agree with. We greet others and smile to show that we value all individuals at our school. We respect the teacher’s right to teach and a learner’s right to learn. We are tactful and think before we act. We wear the uniform with pride and attend every day and show good time-keeping.

I We are INDEPENDENT, influenced by the good and have the strength of character to resist the bad. We self-start and motivate ourselves. We respect individual liberty and others’ freedom. When we achieve, we have made that happen ourselves.

T We show TOLERANCE and kindness towards others. We tolerate those of different faiths and beliefs. Understanding difference and celebrating diversity is important to us. and what makes our school unique. We empathise with others and have a positive influence on those around us.