Student Leadership at Bedford

At Bedford, we are proud to work with such an amazing team of young people who take on additional responsibilities, not only for their own personal leadership development, but for the good of the school.

Our leaders are ambassadors and role models. It is a privilege to be part of this team. We invest in our students and every member of the team receives leadership training.

We want as many students as possible to take on leadership roles within school. Here are some examples of our student leadership opportunities.

Year 11 Student Leaders

In the summer of Year 10, students are invited to apply for the prestigious position of Student Leader. Every applicant is interviewed by a panel of staff and then the team is finally selected by members of the Senior Leadership and Pastoral Teams.

Our Year 11 Student Leaders are the pride of Bedford, embodying the core SPIRIT values.

Year 11 Student Leaders represent the school during key school events, such as Open Evening and Year 7 Taster Day. They act as mentors and advisors for our younger students and are a presence around the school. It is crucial that students have a say in the future of our school, and student leaders often participate in interviews for new members of staff. Furthermore, they take an active role in organising school events, such as raising money for the mental health charity, “Young Minds.”

Assistant Student Leaders – Year 10

Students apply for this important position in the summer of Year 9. This team are Student Leaders “in training” and act as a support for our Year 11 Student Leader team.

Junior Leadership Team

JLT is made up of representatives from every year group and is led by the Head Student Leaders.

This team of leaders meet regularly to discuss ideas about the future development of the school, providing students with the power to speak and be heard, and to fuel positive changes for the future.

Further Leadership opportunities include:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Champions
  • Arts Council
  • Arts Ambassadors
  • Sports Leaders
  • Peer Mentors
  • Digital leaders
  • Reading Ambassadors
  • Numeracy Ninjas
  • Food Committee
  • Bedford Buddies (transition support)
  • Library Council