For personal inspiration, advancement and sheer joy, there’s nothing to rival the enrichment opportunities offered by us at Bedford High School.

We proudly run a wide range of clubs from creative arts to debating clubs, from volunteering to fundraising, from Chess Club to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, we provide a multitude of experiences to enrich student’s lives and cultivate new talents, passions and interests. And the best part of it all is our high-quality clubs are all free!

Children taking part in extra curricular activities has so many benefits, the clubs can develop confidence, perseverance and compassion in our young people. The skills they will develop include time management, empathy and logistical planning. Research has proven that students engaging in enrichment opportunities will improve their academic performance and lead to overall happiness, something we want for all our students! Memories created in clubs will stay with them for life, enhancing their health, well-being and value to society.

We expect our students to attend at least one club per week (some of our students attend clubs on a daily basis!). We will run rewards throughout the year to help encourage and give your child the recognition they deserve.