It can be frustrated and limited doing Zoom lessons with a small device such as a mobile phone. You might find it useful to connect your phone to a TV so that you have a better experience. This can be done with some TVs by mirroring the screen. You just need to load the Zoom on your phone and then mirror that to the TV and then the Zoom will play on your TV. Your phone will still control all of the usual functions on Zoom such as the camera, mic, chat etc.

This can be done on both android and iphone devices, there is built in functionality to do this.


For most android devices, in the hotkeys (you can get this by scrolling down twice from the top of the home screen) you can find the mirroring function. This will be called “cast”, “smart view” or “mirror” or similar. Samsung calls it “Smart View”. Huawei calls it “Wireless Projection” which you can find in “settings”. The name of the function is specific to the device you have.

Once you turn the setting on, your phone will search for the TV (which needs to be turned on and linked to your wireless network). Once it finds it, you can connect to the TV and the TV screen will display your phone screen.

From there, turn on Zoom on your phone and the zoom call will load on the TV.


On an iPhone, the process is the same. But the function is called “mirroring”.

No smart TV?

If you don’t have a smart TV, but do have a smart device plugged in to their TV, like Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, Roku (I have this), Google Chromecast, Now TV, they can also cast their phones to their TV. Some will do this right away, others (like Now TV) might need an app downloading to their phone first.

We hope this helps.