“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

GCSE Religious Studies provides students with a wide range of learning experiences that challenges them to ask questions about meaning and prepares them to respond to a wide range of contemporary issues in a culturally diverse world.

In Religious Studies students learn about the beliefs, teachings and practices of two different world religions (Christianity and Judaism) and how to justify opinions on ethical issues, giving religious, non-religious and personal views on a wide range of subjects such as divorce, the death penalty and human rights abuses.

Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mr L. Clarke – T&L Manager RS Department, PDE Curriculum Lead and GCSE Religious Studies.

Miss J. Dobson -Teacher of PDE and GCSE Religious Studies.

Linked Governor: Mrs Lynn Hayes

GCSE Religious Studies

GCSE Religious Studies has a flexible curriculum aimed to meet the needs of our pupils and that follows a course of study leading to a GCSE with Eduqas.

• Study of Christianity: beliefs, teachings and practices.
• Study of Judaism: beliefs, teachings and practices.
• Issues of Relationships
• Issues of Life and Death
• Issues of Good and Evil
• Issues of Human Rights

GCSE Religious Studies and Careers

Please follow the link below to see how taking GCSE Religious Studies can benefit students in a wide range of careers.


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