For personal inspiration, advancement and sheer joy, there’s nothing to rival the enrichment opportunities offered by us at Bedford High School.

We proudly run a wide range of clubs from creative arts to debating clubs, from volunteering to fundraising, from Chess Club to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, we provide a multitude of experiences to enrich student’s lives and cultivate new talents, passions and interests. And the best part of it all is our high-quality clubs are all free! Our club timetable for Term 1 can also be found on our school website, social media and FROG.

Clubs 22-23 Letter for Parents & Guardians CLICK HERE for the full letter

Lunch timeDigital Leaders Yr7-9 U29  
Drama Club Yr7-9 L32

Mental Health & Wellbeing Yr10 & 11 The Hive
Debating Club Yr7-9 Library

LGBTQ+ Yr10-11
Rock Band Yr10-11 U19
Percussion Club Yr7-9 U20  
Singers Yr10-11 U19  

Maths Art Club Yr7-9  

Jigsaw Club wk1 S04
Problem Solving Club Yr7-9 U40

Reading Club Yr10 L43  

Lego Club wk1 Yr7-9 U36

Rock Band Yr7-9 U19

Keyboard Club Yr7-9 U20  

Library open Yr7-11
Code breaking Club Yr7-9 U40

Gardening Club Yr7-9DT yard  

Science Club wk1 Yr7 S09

Cyber Club Yr8 Girls U16  

KS4 History Drop in U32

Choir Yr7-9

Drama Intervention Yr10-11 L32  

Sign Language Club Yr7-9 U09

Netball Yr10-11 PE   Rainbow Club Yr8 -9
KS4 Geography U18 Yr10-11  

Gardening Club Yr10-11 DT yard  

Badminton Yr10 – 11  

Keyboard Club U19  

GCSE Drama Yr10-11 L32

Games Club Yr7-11 UBH  

Mental Health & Wellbeing Yr10-11 The Hive    
After school Until 4pm unless stated by member of staff running the clubEco Club Yr7-10 U18  
Maths Homework Club Yr7-9 U02
Homework Club Yr 10   Girls Football Yr7-9
PE   Boys Rugby Yr 7
PE   Photography Club Yr9 L50   Art Club Yr9 L49   ADVersity Dance Yr7-10
Girls Netball Yr9-10 PE  
Art & Photography Yr10 L50   Fashion & Textiles Yr9 L49 Rock Band Yr8 U20  
Dance Club Yr7-9 L09   Rock Band Yr9 U19  
Speak Up Drama Yr7-10 L32
Girls football & netball match nights  
Boys football and rugby match nights   Photography Yr 11 L50   Concert Band Yr7-10 U20   Dance Strive Yr11 L09   Chess Club wk1 U37
Boys Football Yr8-8 PE   Girls Netball Yr7-8 PE   Art Club Yr7-8   Music Intervention Yr11  Advanced Singers U19 Yr7-10
Music Performance U20 Yr7-10   Maths Highfliers Yr7-8 U40    
Photography Yr11 L49 &L50  
Rock Band Yr11 U20  
Music Strive Yr11  
Street Dance Yr7-9 until 4pm Yr10& 11 until 4.45pm

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