GADGETS, gizmos, a 24-hour global media world, the unrelenting rise of the digital age…
From the Internet and multi-media to the creativity of photography, video and even computer games.
Computing and Media is all about the here and now, the real and virtual! It shows us the tools we use to shape our modern world and gives us the skills to use them effectively. It’s a trip along the super-information highway that prepares students for 21st century life through the use of new technologies.

Department Staff and Responsibilities
Mr D Smedley, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator for Computer Science and Media                                                                                                            

Mr R Mather, Teacher of Computer Science and Media

Miss Z Salim, Teacher of Computer Science

Mr P Dean, Teacher of Computer Science and Media

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage Three all students participate in fun and creative programmes of study. Students are introduced to a wide variety of software which will enhance their skills and engage them in the subject area. Students complete set units of work, all of which they will be assessed upon based on the national curriculum levelling framework.

Year 7 – topics:

  • Online Safety
  • Control technology
  • Scratch
  • Impacts of technology and cyber security

Year 8 – Topics:

  • Computer systems
  • Data representations
  • Networks and HTML
  • Data analysis

Year 9 – Topics:

  • Python programming
  • Kodu game making

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to study for the Cambridge National iMedia award. This is offered through the OCR exam board. Learners complete the course which is equivalent to a GCSE. The course is broken into 4 parts. Some of the units that they could study are; digital graphics, character design, designing a game concept, Animation, website design, photography and many more. A pre-production exam makes up the final part of the qualification. An ideal subject for those students who enjoy writing and creativity.

Computer science
At Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to study the computer science GCSE. This is offered through the AQA exam board. The computer science qualification is made up of textual programming in python.   Students will get to understand in further detail programming, networking, computer systems and networks.