Interacting with the modern world.

Just one of the major aims of the Design and Technology Department at Bedford High School. Students are helped to develop creative and problem solving skills and gain experience of working in the key areas of Food, Resistant Materials, and Graphical Products.

Design and Technology is a popular non-core subject at Bedford High School. This is thanks to a friendly yet professional learning environment made possible by the hard work of both staff and students.

Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mrs R Puzzar, Teaching and Learning Manager
Mrs S Earner, Teacher of Catering & Hospitality
Mr T McCarthy, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator, Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs A McLeod, Teacher of Childrens Learning and Development
Mrs A Kerswell, Teacher of Catering & Hospitality
Mrs B Markland, Food Technician

Key Stage 3

Year 7—Topics:

Food Technology

The year 7 course is called ‘The Basics’. We look at healthy eating and the equipment used in a Food Technology room. Learning takes please through a range of practical lessons which give the students the basic skills.

Design & Technology

Students have the opportunity to work with different materials producing four projects throughout Year 7. Students experience practical lessons and the opportunity to work with Computer Aided Design Software.

Year 8—Topics:

Food Technology

The Year 8 course is called ‘Ready Steady Cook’. We continue to build on the skills learned in Year 7 by looking at the main protein foods —milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat both theoretically and through practical tasks.

Design & Technology

Students continue to develop their design and making skills with a range of challenging projects. They gain experience of working with some of the latest technologies in school, allowing them to solve problems in innovative ways and to create objects from their own designs that are of high quality.

Key Stage 4 courses available:

Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering

Technical Award in Children’s Learning and Development

GCSE Design Technology

Level 1/2 Hospitality & Catering

This course is made up of 2 units:

Unit 1: The hospitality and Catering Industry

Unit 2: Hospitality and Catering in Action

The Assessment is an external exam for unit 1 and a controlled assessment for unit 2. This also includes a practical task that pupils will plan, prepare, and make in controlled conditions.

Course overview: This course allows learners the opportunity to learn about the hospitality and catering. To discover that this sector includes all businesses that provide food, beverages, and/or accommodation services. This includes restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars. It also includes airlines, tourist attractions, hospitals and sports venues; businesses where hospitality and catering is not their primary service but is increasingly important to their success. According to the British Hospitality Association, hospitality and catering is Britain’s fourth largest industry and accounts for around 10% of the total workforce.

Students will gain a vocational grade L1 or 2 Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Level 1 /2 Certificate Childrens Learning and Development

This course is made up of 3 units:

RO18 Health and Wellbeing for Child Development

This unit provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of parenthood, from pre-conception through antenatal to postnatal care. Students develop an appreciation of the importance of creating the best conditions for a child to thrive.

RO19 Understand the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years.

Students learn about the range of equipment and nutritional and hygiene requirements of children from birth to five years, and they demonstrate in a practical activity how these needs are met to promote a child’s development and well-being.

RO20 Understand the development of a child from birth to five years.

Students investigate the developmental norms of children from birth to five years and develop an understanding of the impact of play on the developmental norms. They apply and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through practical activities.

The course is assessed with 1 external exam and 2 pieces of Controlled Assessment. Students will require access to a child aged between birth and 5 years to be able to complete this course.

Students will gain a vocational grade L1 or 2 Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Subject Intent and Learning Journey

The following link outlines what students will learn at each stage of their journey at Bedford in Design & Technology. This includes the key knowledge, skills and concepts they will encounter through their exciting and aspirational journey in Design & Technology.

Design & Technology Y7 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey

Design & Technology Y8 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey

Design & Technology Y9 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey

Design & Technology Y10 & 11 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey

Food KS3 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey

Child Development Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey