“Books are a uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King
“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

The Bedford High School English department is committed to providing all students with the opportunities to study a creative and innovative curriculum. We are dedicated to raising the profile of reading and fostering a passion for literature. English skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – are crucial in enabling students to succeed across the curriculum and, indeed, in life.

Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mrs M Swaine – Teaching and Learning Leader/Director of Learning
Miss V Shakespeare – Teacher of English/Assistant Headteacher
Miss R Sargent – Teaching and Learning Manager
Mrs E Rooney – Teacher of English/Director of Learning
Mrs C Parry – Teacher of English
Miss K Canning – Deputy SENDCO
Mrs H McEvoy – Teacher of English
Miss A Sharratt – Teacher of English
Miss L Sinfield – Teacher of English
Mrs C Robinson – Teacher of English
Mr R Adams – Teacher of English
Mrs S Brough – Teacher of English

Linked Governor – Mrs Vicky Jackson

Key Stage 3

The English curriculum is broad, balanced, challenging and ambitious, and is designed to provide all learners with the knowledge, analytical skills and cultural capital they need for academic excellence throughout KS3, KS4 and beyond.

Students will:

  • Read widely and for pleasure
  • Be introduced to the literary canon, enabling students to access rich and engaging poetry, prose and drama from a range of literary periods
  • Articulate thoughts and opinions from reading a rich array of literature
  • Develop their ability to analyse texts, using a wide range of non-fiction from different periods of time
  • Become confident, skilful and accurate writers, developing knowledge of writing of different forms and for a range of audiences and purposes
  • Become proficient and confident speakers, listening sensitively and responding perceptively to others
  • Use sophisticated vocabulary in speech and writing

Year 7 Content

All students in KS3 have an accelerated reading lesson for one hour per week
Tales Across Time

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Events That Shaped History

Modern Novel – Once

Poems of Protest


Year 8 Content

Theme: Divided Societies

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (play)

Divided Societies – Non-Fiction

War Poetry

A Woman’s Place

Noughts and Crosses

Dystopian Writing

Year 9 Content

Theme: Relationships, Betrayal and Morality

Of Mice and Men

Descriptive/Narrative Writing



Have Your Say

Animal Farm

Key Stage 4

All students will sit 4 examinations. Examinations are no longer tiered.
AQA English Language

  • Explorations in creative reading and writing
  • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives
  • AQA English Literature
  • Shakespeare and the 19th century novel
  • Modern texts and poetry

Texts studied for Literature are: A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls, Romeo and Juliet and AQA Love and Relationships Poetry Anthology.

Also, there will be a non-examination assessment for spoken language.

Subject Intent and Learning Journey

The following link outlines what students will learn at each stage of their journey at Bedford in English. This includes the key knowledge, skills and concepts they will encounter through their exciting and aspirational journey in English. English KS3 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey and English KS4 Curriculum Intent and Learning Journey