Global Communications

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) International Department

Global communications:

In an increasingly global environment, English is no longer enough. If our young people are to make the most of the opportunities available to them on an international scale then grounding in other languages is essential. In MFL and EAL we aim to gain a greater understanding of other cultures and languages in order to become a positive part of a wider global community. At Bedford High School students learn either French or Spanish.

Department staff and responsibilities

Mr G Calwell – Head of MFL, MFL teacher, Assistant Headteacher

Mr C Leonard – MFL teacher

Mrs M Cotton – MFL teacher

Miss E O’Donovan, MFL teacher

Mrs A Turner, MFL teacher

EAL team

Miss J Perez-Raboso  – EAL Teacher Assistant

Miss I Parr – EAL Teacher Assistant

Linked Governor Councillor Charles Rigby

Key stage 3 

At the beginning of year 6 pupils opt for either French or Spanish. Students get the opportunity to learn languages in a fun and engaging way. The curriculum we offer puts the learning in contexts that are more relevant and interesting to our young learners. Students will be assessed regularly and rigorously.  There are five skills that are assessed in MFL; listening, reading, writing and translation and speaking.

Year 7 topics;

Let me introduce myself, school, pets, routines, likes and dislikes and free time.

Year 8 topics;

Year 7 revision, home and area, meal-times, transport, holidays, cultural differences, the media, the present, past and future tense and free time.

Key stage 4

At the end of year 8 students decide whether they wish to continue their MFL studies to GCSE.

Year 9 topics;

Year 8 revision, healthy lifestyle, sports, future plans, careers and the environment.

Year 10 and year 11, GCSE themes 1 – 3:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

Unit 1 Me, my family and friends

Unit 2 Technology and every-day life

Unit 3 Free-time activities

Unit 4 Customs and festivals

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Unit 5 Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Unit 6 Social issues

Unit 7 Global issues

Unit 8 Travel and tourism

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

Unit 9 My studies

Unit 10 Life at school and college

Unit 11 Education post-16

Unit 12 Jobs, career choices and ambitions

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