The appliance of science

The department is staffed by ten science specialists and supported by two committed technicians.

We have nine specifically designed laboratories, seven of which are housed in a purpose-built science department, along with the science ICT suite which is also supplemented by a class set of ipads.

Department Staff and Responsibilities

Mr Roberts – Teaching and Learning Leader for Science and Director of Learning

Mrs Sherrard – Teaching and Learning Manager for Science

Mrs Dean – Teaching and Learning Coordinator in Science

Miss Daly – Teacher of Science

Mrs Cottam – Teacher of Science and Learning Manager

Mrs Holland – Teacher of Science and Learning Manager

Ms Sadiq – Senior Technician 

Mrs Johnson – Teacher of Science

Mrs Morey – Teacher of Science

Mrs Morris – Teacher of Science

Mrs Orrell – Science Technician

Miss L Hunter – Teacher of Science

Linked Governor – Mrs Kath Freeman

Key Stage 3 

In Years 7, 8 and 9, we cover the Science National Curriculum, supported by a newly written, well-resourced Scheme of Work.

Key Stage 4

All but one set of students begin the GCSE course in “Combined Science” in year 10.  This is worth two GCSE grades.

A smaller group of students can opt for the separate science GCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  These are worth three GCSE grades.

We aim to complete the course as soon as we can so that there is more time to interleave carefully tailored lessons that will push each student to their highest grades.

Extra Curricular Activities (Days and Times)

Many staff are around after school each evening, supporting students with coursework and preparation for GCSE examinations.

On Tuesdays we have “Year 9 Science Club”, “Science Film Club” and on Fridays we have “Lego club”.

During school Enrichment Days, students have fun investigating a crime scene within the Science Department, or develop their Biology knowledge with a trip to Chester Zoo.  We also take students to Manchester University for lectures.