There’s a lot in the news at the moment about coronavirus. Some of what you see or hear might sound confusing or scary, so It’s absolutely normal if you feel a little anxious about this situation and/or you have questions about how this will affect your education.

Below are some useful contacts and resources to support your emotional wellbeing, should you need them.

School Contacts: We will try our best to respond to your school emails. However, we may not always be available. If you send an email with concerns, please make sure you CC two people into the addresses. If you do not get a response, please see below for other ways to receive support.

Mrs Ramsden (Safeguarding Lead)
Mrs Critchley (Safeguarding Mentor)
Miss Darbyshire (Y7 PGO)
Mrs Green (Y8 PGO)
Mrs Aaron (Y9 PGO)
Mrs Haselden (Y10 PGO)
Mrs Walsh (Y11 PGO)  

Mindfulness: Recently, we have introduced students the mindfulness practices. You may find mindfulness is a great way to help you to relax and ease anxieties. You can either download apps such as Calm or Headspace or log on to (password: Fofboc) for guided practices.