Teaching and learning, to us they’re everything

Bedford High School Curriculum


At Bedford High School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to;

  • meet the needs and interests of all students
  • enable students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities to enable them to become effective lifelong learners and happy and successful citizens
  • enable students to achieve academic success
  • build aspirations and prepare students for the next steps in their education
  • promote employability skills
  • meet statutory requirements

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum Intent below sets out the characteristics we seek to develop;

A Bedford student;

  • is aspirational and motivated to achieve the highest possible standards
  • has a ‘growth mindset’ and realises that he/she can always improve
  • works consistently hard
  • enjoys learning and has a thirst for knowledge in all subjects
  • is confident and open to new ideas and cultural experiences
  • attends regularly and is on time
  • is calm, business-like and able to regulate own behavior
  • is kind and respectful to all people
  • is resilient to overcome difficulties
  • is a proud and active participant in the school and wider communities
  • is safe and healthy physically, mentally and emotionally

A Bedford student;

  • can learn, recall and use relevant knowledge
  • reads widely and has an extensive vocabulary
  • is able to understand and work with numbers
  • can work and revise independently beyond the classroom
  • can act upon feedback to improve performance
  • makes good progress over time, leading to useful qualifications
  • is aware of important local, national and global issues

A Bedford student is able to;

  • communicate effectively through use of reading, writing, speaking, listening and technology
  • work effectively with other people as part of a team
  • be enterprising and solve problems
  • manage finances

The Curriculum

Equality & SEND

Our curriculum is accessible to learners of all abilities including those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). Students study the full curriculum at Key Stage 3. Additional support in literacy and/or numeracy is provided to meet assessed needs.


In Years 7, 8 and 9 students follow the National Curriculum. There is a strong focus on ensuring that all students develop basic skills in literacy and numeracy. The Accelerated Reader programme is used to boost all students’ reading skills. Literacy and numeracy intervention is provided for students who are working below expected standards in these areas.

In KS3 students are generally grouped in sets based on prior attainment.  There is the flexibility for students to changes sets where beneficial.

In Year 9, students experience some new subjects, such as Business and Media, so that they can make informed decisions when they choose options. 


In Years 10 and 11 students continue to study the core subjects of English, Maths and Combined Science, and compulsory subjects such as PE and Personal Development (Religion and PSHE). In addition, students choose three from a wide range of options courses, including more traditional GCSEs and more vocational Technical Awards. Students are guided to follow appropriate pathways which will give them the best chance of success and prepare them for their next steps in education.

The English Baccalaureate, which comprises studying a foreign language and a humanities subject, is available to all students who wish to follow this route. Where appropriate, students are guided towards studying separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. .

In KS4 students are grouped in sets according to prior attainment in English, Maths & Science. In options subjects students are generally taught in mixed ability groups.

KS4 Core Subjects

GCSE courses

  • English Language (AQA)
  • English Literature (AQA)
  • Maths ( Edexcel)
  • Either Combined Science (AQA x 2 GCSEs) or Biology, Chemistry & Physics (AQA x 3 GCSEs)

KS4 Optional Courses

Optional GCSE;

  • Art & Design (AQA)
  • Business & Enterprise (Edexcel)
  • Computer Science (AQA)
  • Dance
  • Design & Technology Resistant Materials (AQA)
  • Drama (AQA)
  • French (WJEC)
  • Geography (AQA)
  • History (Edexcel)
  • Music (Eduqas)
  • Photography
  • Physical Education (Edexcel)
  • Religious Studies (Eduqas)
  • Spanish (WJEC)

Optional Technical Awards

  • Children’s Learning & Development (OCR)
  • Creative iMedia (OCR)
  • Hospitality & Catering Vocational Award (WJEC)
  • Sports Studies (OCR)


The following areas are developed in all year groups and across the curriculum:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Building Learning Power so that students develop the skills and attitudes required for educational success and employability
  • Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical Development (SMCMPD)
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) 
  • Careers Education and Independent Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)
  • Business & Enterprise skills through links with a range of employers, distinct courses and enrichment activities
  • Skills in using new technology
  • Enrichment e.g. through themed learning days
  • A range of extra-curricular provision

Curriculum Time


SubjectTime per week
Year 7Year 8Year 9
English4 hours4 hours4 hours
Maths4 hours4 hours4 hours
Science3 hours3 hours3 hours
Spanish2 hours2 hours2 hours
History2 hours2 hours2 hours
Geography2 hours2 hours2 hours
Physical Education2 hours2 hours1 hour
Computer Science1 hour1 hour
Design Technology1 hour1 hour2 hours
Personal Development1 hour1 hour1 hour
Art1 hour1 hour1 hour
Drama1 hour1 hour1 hour
Music1 hour1 hour1 hour
Comp Sc/Business/Media  1 hour
Total25 hours


SubjectTime per week
Year 10Year 11
English5 hours5 hours
Maths4 hours4 hours
Science5 hours5 hours
Physical Education1 hour1 hour
Personal Development1 hour1 hour
Optional Subject A3 hours3 hours
Optional Subject B3 hours3 hours
Optional Subject C3 hours3 hours
Total25 hours
Please contact Mr. Shelton if you require more information about the school. Curriculum.